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AH comics takes place in the future, in the 2060-2090 year range. people have currently discovered three star systems (five in later comics) known as the Solaris System (our sun), Polaris System, Ariel System, (Estolaris System and Oularis System). there are also some deep-space features such as Hermes and Dusk. there are many races on the planets, including humans, primers, stygaxian, volcanians and many more. The A.H universe is also home to many different super heroes and villains. This is the complete collection of AH information for fans old and new. we will try to update it regularly, so the information is all current.Props! "The Fact that I Exist,""Is Disturbing." 20:19, November 25, 2010 (UTC)




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Dr. Thoughtstealer

Jarenx (or Dr. Thoughtstealer as he becomes known as) was originaly a stygaxian. he took over the goverment of stygax and tried to take over Earth many times in a series of events . Thoughtstealer is the biggest AH villain, and has the biggest backstory.

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Pyr-0 was once a stygaxian called Mygox. Mygox's best friend was called Jarenx, whose third eye (the one that gives a stygaxian acces to psionic powers) didn't open. Jarenx went on a quest with Mygox to the temple of Dren (the goddess of psionics) to cure his problem. however, this temple had recently been taken over by cultists of Xarren (the god of evil and treachury). they told Jarenx to make a thought-stealer ray to get the thoughts of other beings. with this weapon, Jarenx proceded to preform a bloody coup, and his friend Mygox helped him. when Jarenx (now Dr Thoughtstealer) turned his sights on planet earth for conquest, he was defeated by two young superheroes called Matter and Volt.

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