The Ariel System is the smallest system in the Compass sector, and the only system that is not one of the cardinal systems. it is home to the Volcanians and the Aquasaurens.


Covered by a sea of magma with occasional islands or earthbergs. home to the Volcanians


Made up of power-crystal, has some mining stations.


Triple-ringed gas giant, no life

  • Loki: barren, dark rock, no life
  • Sauren: fertile, tropical, home to the Aquasaurens
  • Skadi: barren, icy, possible underground seas, no life
  • Fashtia IV: barren asteroid
  • Fashtia V: barren asteroid
  • Fashtia VI: barren asteroid
  • Fashtia VII: barren asteroid
  • Fashtia VIII: barren asteroid
  • Etherial: icy, barren, cloudy woth condensing nitrogen, no life