Atria's CPU and holographic projection, and Binary (corupted)

Atria is the supercomputer created by the Primers to govern their city.


Atria was created along with two other AIs named Alcius and Anar to be a perfect leadership for the Primers. They were programed to be Omnipresent (they could comnunicate through any number of hologram projectors throughout Pentio), Omniescent (they were conected to the security cameras of every building on Prime, as well as the Primer's version of the internet) and practicaly Omnipotent (they could control any of the facilities owned by the goverment, which is pretty much every buiding).

In short, the Primers created their godesses to rule them, and were so confident in their programing, that they could see no fault in anything the AIs did.

Death of the OthersEdit

These three AIs ruled Prime (and by extension, the rest of Pentio) for over 2600 years. They practicaly experianced imortality, which was something the Primer programers couldn't prepare them for. They had been programed to be compassionate to individuals, but seeing so many grow old and die, and then their children grow old and die, and then their children's children grow old and die took its mental toll on the AIs.

They held strong until one of them, Anar, actualy fell in love in one of the Primers. But seeing the Primer mary and grow old and die all within what seemed a second, wrecked Anar permenantly. She commited digital suicide, deleting her own programing from Prime's computers.

Alcius and Atria continued to succesfuly govern Prime, but the years were taking their toll on them too. But eventualy, the years of use and the emotional strain caused Alcius to "glitch". Basicly, she went insane. She tried to ruin Prime through her godlike influence. She and Atria cyber battled for control of Prime. Eventualy Atria won, killing the last other ruling AI.