Estolairs is one of the stars in the compass sector. it has a strong magnatic field, but still holds large amounts of life on its six planets


fartell is one of the closest planets to Estolaris. it is constantly at war with its sister planet Garn. these two planets are isolated from the rest of the Estolairs system due to the magnetic cloud storm. home to the Laygeans


Garn is also one of the closest planets to Estolairs. the Laygeans of Garn are always at war with those of Fartell.

Estolairs Magnetic StormEdit

the star Estolairs is surounded by a magnetic storm. although the field surounds the star there is a larger part that orbits at regular intervals. this storm restricts travel to the inner planets (Fartell and Garn) because the magnetic field messes up any ship's navigation and AI. information such as radio waves are also disrupted.


Gaen is one of the most fertile planets in the compass sector. it is covered by dense forests. it is home to the Gaeans, who are masters of plant technolgies. all structures and tools come from the trees.

  • Maple: dry, rocky, underground seas
  • Oak: rocky, cold, ice at the poles
  • Pine: small, icy


Aquilla is an aquatic planet, with only a few islands. it has polar ice caps and is home to the Aquillans.

  • Azure: dry, icy, few mining stations


Hyperion is a gas giant, the only one in the Estolairs system. it has several rings and moons.

  • Chlodio: hot, dry, some volcanic activity.
  • Merovech: cool, some fungal life, remains of ancient forests, masive potential source of oil.
  • Childeric: icy, barren, underground seas.
  • Clovis: dry, barren.
  • Hyperion V: small, barren asteroid.
  • Hyperion VI: small, barren asteroid.
  • Hyperion VII: small, barren asteroid.
  • Hyperion VIII: small, barren asteroid.
  • Hyperion IX: small, barren asteroid.