Fenrirs are a race inhabiting the small planet of Fenrir in the Oularis system. they are shamanistic shapechangers, with a tribal society.
Fenrir picture


the Fenrirs are around human sized, and fairly weak in their humanoid form, but for battle, they can change into a giant bear-like creature with six legs, big claws, and antlers. they adopt this form for battle, hunting, manual labour and contests for leadership. their minds change slightly as well, when they are in this form, becoming more savage and bloodthirsty. when leadership of a tribe is in question, the two competitors enter a circle, transform into their demon-bear forms, lock antlers, and try and push the other out of the ring. the one that is stronger and more fearsome ends up being chief.

Tribes and SocietyEdit

the Fenrirs are loosely organized into nomadic tribes. most tribes have a chieftan, who is the strongest member of the tribe, and a shaman. some of the larger tribes might have a couple of leaders.


most Fenrirs have a wild, powerful side that is exibited in their bear form. some, however, don't have that ability to shapechange, and so have all that power of nature in their humanoid form. although all Fenrirs have some basic primal power, these individuals have much more. these are Shamans, who often advise the chieftans.