Gizat was the princess of Stygax during the Thoughtstealer Affairs. she wasn't killed in the coup, due to the intervension of Jarenx's friend and Gizat's secret admirer, Mygox. however, Jarenx(dr. thoughtstealer) killed her right before he was shot by Pyr-0/Mygox, During Saviors#10.

she was the Golden Emperess, the vilain during the 4th and 5th Saviors comics. this was because thoughtstealer had corrupted her with wealth.

she sent in one of her best psionic assasins to kill the queen, timing it so that Pyr-0, Matter and Volt were in Russia dealing with Dr. Orb. Communications in Russia weren't that great, even in 2056, so they didn't know about the situation in England. the rest of the Saviors went to England, just as an investigation mission, but when they were shot at from the airport, they realized something was wrong. they retreated to the English countryside to contact the nobles. fron them, they learned that a mysterious figure had replaced the queen, and was calling herself the Golden Emperess. they ralied the Princes and Nobles to attack London. there was a huge battle, and the Saviors and England apeared to be loosing. a plasma rocket hit Portal, but with his dying breath, he made a Portal to Russia, and Matter, Volt and Pyr-0 enterd the frey. Matter and Volt fought the army, while Pyr-0 snuck into the city. there, he found Gizat, and after a heated verbal exchange, weapons were drawn and Gizat esscaped, but with a seed of dought in her mind. Dought of Jarenx.