Jarenx (or Dr. Thoughtstealer as he becomes known as) was originaly a stygaxian. he took over the goverment of stygax and tried to take over Earth many times in a series of events . Thoughtstealer is the biggest AH villain, and has the biggest backstory.

Rise to PowerEdit

Jarenx was raised on planet Stygax, and was a normal Stygaxian boy, except that his third eye, the one that allows Stygaxians to perform psionics and telepathy didn't open. when he was older, he and his friend Mygox on a quest to the temple of Dren (the Stygaxian goddess of psionics) to get him cured. however, the temple had been conquered by cultists of Xarren, the Stygaxian god of treachery. The head cultist, posing as Dren, told Jarenx to build the thoughtstealer ray. Jarenx built the ray, which was weapon with which one could steal anothers thoughts and consioucness. with this weapon, Jarenx (or Dr. Thoughtstealer) performed a coup, killing the king of stygax, buit not the princess Gizat at Mygox's request.

First Asault on EarthEdit

after Jarenx took over Stygax, he wanted more power. in a move that we now realize was a bit cliched but looked good at the time, he decided to attack earth. his plan involved short-circuiting a partical accelorator and pushing someone into an electrical genorator to cause a blackout, knocking out weapons and comunications for a while.

Matter and VoltEdit

however, the two victems of the plan (the particle accelorator scientist and the genorator worker) survived with bizzar mutations. with these newfound superpowers, they defeated thoughtstealer, trapping his thoughts inside his own thoughtstealer and destoying his body. they went on to form The Saviors.

Thoughstealer's RevivalEdit

thoughtstealer wasn't just going to be defeated that easily. his friend / servant mygox escaped with the thoughtstealer ray and programed Thoughtstealer's conciousness onto a robot to alow him to continue his plans. Thoughtstealer didn't want news of his revival to leak out, so he betrayed mygox and killed him with the thoughtstealer. he then proceded with the next part of his plan, and made an army of robots programed with all the minds of the people and stygaxians he'd stolen thoughts from. but before he could download the changes that would make them under his control, one of the robots escaped. it was mygox.

Robot AttackEdit

Thoughtstealer used this army of robots to attack the nearby city of Calgary, Canada. fortunatly, Mygox reached the Canadian goverment in time to warn them of the atack. the goverment evacuated Calgary and sent in the newly formed Saviors to defeat the army. there was an epic battle, but thoughtstealer beat the leader of the Saviours, Matter, and threatened evryone with a dark-matter sword at Matter's throut. however, the tables were turned when Mygox (or at that point, Pyr-0) held a gun to thoughtstealer. they had a quick stand-off, and then thoughtstealer escaped onto his spacecraft and flew back to Stygax.


Thoughtstealer hireded a profesional Shifter to move his conciousness into an organic body fron the robot.This was done succsessfully and Thoughtstealr assigned him to one more mission, spy on the The F.D.C.

The Golden EmperessEdit

Soon after, Thoughtstealer began thinking up another plan to conquer earth. this was more then a thirst for power, this was a need for revenge. he sent in informants to find out what they could. he learned that Pyr-0 (formerly Mygox) was doing jobs for the F.D.C, and only a job that was clearly conected with Thoughtstealer would draw him. so he decided to be sneaky. he seduced princess Gizat with promises of wealth and her former position returned to her. she agreed to lead an attack on earth, keeping Stygax's and Thoughtstealer's involvement secret. she chose a target country that was influential enough for a takeover to have a serious affect, but not one that was powerfull enough to defeat her. she chose England.

(see Gizat for the complete story of the Golden Emperess)

after she was defeated, she returned to planet Stygax. there, Thoughtstealer decided that a direct aproach was best. he raised a giant army of Thoughtstealer robots and Stygaxian soldiers, and began a second attack on Earth.