The Polaris System is one of the Cardinal Stars in
the Compass Sector. it has 7 planets.


hot, volcanic, closest planet to Polaris, few mining stations



large terran planet, home to Primers, Mirageans, Stroneans, Scisticans and Transforgans.

  • Pentio I: barren asteroid, mining stations
  • Pentio II: barren asteroid, mining stations
  • Pentio III: barren asteroid, mining stations
  • Pentio IV: barren asteroid, mining stations
  • Pentio V: barren asteroid, mining stations


cool, arid, fertile, home to Stygaxians.

  • Dren: reddish, rocky
  • Klyx: heavily cratered
  • Xarren: dark, rocky
  • Asteroid cloud


mettalic, highly magnetic, magnetic rings, home to Mettillans.

  • Hephaestus: mettalic, rocky, many mining stations


Gargantuan gas giant. has many stations mining aranea on it. one ring.

  • Renia: tropical moon, home of Renians, many large quarries for rhenium
  • Talesien: large, rocky, underground seas, many mining stations.
  • Aneirin: rocky, icy, cratered, mining stations.
  • Rhonabwy: rocky, cloudy, mining stations
  • Gwyllgi: dark, rocky, mining stations.
  • Uno VI: barren asteroid
  • Uno VII: barren asteroid
  • Uno VIII: barren asteroid
  • Uno IX: barren asteroid
  • Uno X: barren asteroid
  • Uno XI: barren asteroid
  • Uno XII: barren asteroid
  • Uno XIII: barren asteroid
  • Uno XIV: barren asteroid
  • Uno XV: barren asteroid
  • Uno XVI: barren asteroid
  • Uno XVII: barren asteroid
  • Uno XVIII: barren asteroid
  • Uno XIX: barren asteroid


gas giant, two rings, stations mining aranea.

  • Zhou: rocky, barren, many mining stations.
  • Tang: rocky, underground seas, many mining stations.
  • Liao: rocky, icy, many mining stations.
  • Yuan: rocky, icy, mining stations.
  • Qing: rocky, icy, few mining stations.
  • Duo VII: barren asteroid.
  • Duo VIII: barren asteroid.
  • Duo IX: barren asteroid.
  • Duo X: barren asteroid.
  • Duo XI: barren asteroid.
  • Duo XII: barren asteroid.
  • Duo XIII: barren asteroid.
  • Duo XIV: barren asteroid.
  • Duo XV: barren asteroid.
  • Duo XVI: barren asteroid.
  • Duo XVII: barren asteroid.
  • Duo XVIII: barren asteroid.
  • Duo XIX: barren asteroid.


gas giant, three rings, stations mining aranea.

Tri, seen from Cihuacoatl

  • Chicomecoatl: rocky, almost volcanic, mining stations.
  • Cihuacoatl: rocky, water covered, micro-organisms found, colonies.
  • Coatlicue: rocky, barren, many mining stations
  • Mixcoatl: rocky, icy, mining stations.
  • Xiuhcoatl: rocky, icy, few mining stations.
  • Quent: Mystryios planent coverd by clouds and unbreachabl atmosphere, possibly colonizeable.
  • Tri VII: barren asteroid.
  • Tri VIII: barren asteroid.
  • Tri IX: barren asteroid.
  • Tri X: barren asteroid.
  • Tri XI: barren asteroid.
  • Tri XII: barren asteroid.
  • Tri XIII: barren asteroid.
  • Tri XIV: barren asteroid.
  • Tri XV: barren asteroid.
  • Tri XVI: barren asteroid.