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Cquote1 The Journey will be perilous, Who will join Him?!. Cquote2
King Klyns the Third of Stygax

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Pyr-0 (Mygox)
Title Agent Pyr-0
Gender male
Race android (originaly Stygaxian)
Alignment neutral good
Languages east and west Stygaxian, Human Germanic languages, primese
Age 27
Martial Status single
Home Planet Stygax
Psychic slight psionic abilities
Magic none
Technic extreme nutronium android body
Mutant none


Pyr-0 was once a stygaxian called Mygox. Mygox's best friend was called Jarenx, whose third eye (the one that gives a stygaxian acces to psionic powers) didn't open. Jarenx went on a quest with Mygox to the temple of Dren (the goddess of psionics) to cure his problem. however, this temple had recently been taken over by cultists of Xarren (the god of evil and treachury). they told Jarenx to make a thought-stealer ray to get the thoughts of other beings. with this weapon, Jarenx proceded to preform a bloody coup, and his friend Mygox helped him. when Jarenx (now Dr Thoughtstealer) turned his sights on planet earth for conquest, he was defeated by two young superheroes called Matter and Volt.

However, Jarenx wasn't defeated that easily. Mygox escaped with the thought-stealer ray with Jarenx/Thoughtstealer's mind on it. he used it to program a robot with Thoughtstealer's conciousness, bringing him back to life. Thoughtstealer didn't want news of his recovery leaking out, so he killed Mygox with the thought-stealer ray.

Thoughtstealer used all the conciusnouses on his ray to program an army of thoughtstealer robots. but the robat with Mygox's mind escaped from the cruel betrayel. eventualy, he was picked up by the canadian goverment, and now works fighting crime. however, he still has a grudge against Thoughtstealer, and refuses to be called Mygox, instead using His codename:Pyr-0.