Solaris systym
Solaris is one of the stars in the compass sector (and our own sun). it has eight planets with many moons.


A hot dry planet, closest to Solaris. no natural life, but some mining stations and housing


Also very hot, covered by clouds that make tempature and pressure unbearably high. used for forging of nutronium, but few inhabitants


One of the most fertile planets in the Solaris system, is home to Humans. well populated.

  • Lunaris: dry and rocky, being terranized by the humans to solve overcrowding.


cold, dry, ice deposites at poles. home to single celled organisms, and mining colonies. Later becomes a dense population city with many diffrent races.

  • Phobos: barren asteroid, few mining stations
  • Deimos: barren asteroid, few mining stations


largest planet in the Solaris system, gas giant, no life.

  • Io: Volcanic moon, home to Ioans
  • Europa: ocean moon with icy surface, home to Europans
  • Ganymede: largest satilite in Solaris System, made of rock and ice, many mining stations
  • Callisto: Heanily cratered, made of rock and ice, once part of planet Terra, many mining and archeological stations.
  • Jupiter V: barren asteroid
  • Jupiter VI: barren asteroid
  • Jupiter VII: barren asteroid, genetic testing lab
  • Jupiter VIII: barren asteroid
  • Jupiter IX: barren asteroid
  • Jupiter X: barren asteroid, home to secret criminal headquarters
  • Jupiter XI: barren asteroid
  • Jupiter XII: barren asteroid


Gas giant, many rings, no life.

  • Rhea: rocky and heavily cratered, mining stations
  • Titan: large, rocky, independent agricultural stations.
  • Hypenriorn: irregular, pourous, no life.
  • Iapetus: dry, rocky, few mining stations
  • Saturn V: barren asteroid
  • Saturn VI: barren asteroid
  • SaturnVII: barren asteroid
  • SaturnVIII: barren asteroid
  • Saturn IX: barren asteroid
  • Saturn X: barren asteroid
  • Saturn XI: barren asteroid
  • Saturn XII: barren asteroid
  • Saturn XIII: barren asteroid
  • Saturn XIV: barren asteroid
  • Saturn XV: barren asteroid
  • SaturnXVI: barren asteroid


gas giant, horizontel axis, small rings

  • Miranda: small, rocky, no life
  • Arialis: rocky, icy, no life
  • Umbriel: rocky, icy, basic organic compounds, few mining stations
  • Titania: rocky, icy, many mining colonies
  • Oberon: rocky, icy, many mining stations, quantum-psionics testing facility
  • Uranus VI: barren asteroid
  • Uranus VII: barren asteroid
  • Uranus VIII: barren asteroid
  • Uranus IX: barren asteroid


gas giant, small rings

  • Triton: icy, covered with frozen nitrogen, no life
  • Neptune II: barren asteroid
  • Neptune III: barren asteroid
  • Neptune IV: barren asteroid
  • Neptune V: barren asteroid
  • Neptune VI: barren asteroid
  • Neptune VII: barren asteroid


small, icy, few mining stations

  • Charon: barren, icy
  • Nix: icy asteroid
  • Hydra: icy asteroid