The Stygaxians are a race that lives on planet Stygax. they are extremely powerfull psions and telepaths.


Stygaxians all have green skin, two arms and two legs. they have three eyes, two of which are used for seeing, while one of which is used for psionics. they can then be clasified into three subspecies.


Stygaxians were divided into many united countries. this aliance of countries was lead by a king of one of the countries, and leadership of that country was hereditary. however, the matter of which country's ruler was to be high king, was decided by vote. leadership was held by the Tazgarth family, rulers of the most populous country, for a hundred years, until the Thoughtstealer affairs in 2056. then, Jarenx(Dr. Thoughtstealer) killed the king (but not the princess Gizat, at the request of his friend Mygox) and took control of the goverment. after he was defeated, The New Kingdom of Stygax was founded, a purely democratic system of ruling.


Stygaxian religon revolves around three major dieties. Dren is the godess of psionics, Klyx is the god of inovation and Xarren is the god of treachery. there are also many minor dieties.