Cquote1 In the beginning there was nothing, but then a thought appeared, that thought grew into a being, and that being created a sphere, and around that sphere grew a box, but this was not just any created thing. It was creation itself, also known as The Matter Device Cquote2

The Matter Device is a super powerful artifact with the power to create and destroy matter, which is assumed to be impossible. From this device the universes sprung into existence, with the first thought controlling it.


Life was born from the instance, but so was death. People evolved in this universe, and the first thought became many. But one year in one existence a being sought out the device, and he won it. He conquered the first thought and stole his throne. The power was to great for any normal mortal to comprehend or control. He used the device and all matter screamed in agony. Existence itself was calling out in terror. The first thought had fled to the Ethearel plane to exile himself from his failure, but when he heard everything falter he knew he had to help. He came to the being, but was powerless to stop his corrupted intentions. At that moment existence itself extended itself past the 5th dimension to save itself, and when this happened it overextened itself and made the ninth dimension, the dimension of enlightenment came into existence and through that dimension the first thought now with the name Quantus, said to the foolish being "See what you have done and reprimend." And he bared the man's mind to existence one universe at a time, until infinity was revealed before his very eyes and he realized his fault. he uttered the truth under his breath, "this object will cause all suffering and pain it must be destroyed." And the being attempted to use the device to destroy itself, but that failed and the object seperated into twenty-one parts, and then Quantus with his first Enlightened he spread the parts of The Matter Device and he prophecised: "One day this device will be assembled on the darkest day of existence and when that happens the universe will end, but there will still be hope. For one thought will eventually rise as mine did and that thought will take the device and the thought will create a better existence." And with those words Quantus and his newly named Elite Captain went to the Ethereal plane to guard the sphere, also know as the keystone by themselves.


In the mythology it is all but true, the only things unsaid were the creation and destruction of the object. The twenty-one pieces of the artifact are in the centers of twenty-one different Earths in twenty-one different universes, with the center piece (the sphere, the twenty first piece) being on the Ethereal plane. To re-create The Matter Device you must assemble all pieces of the artifact on all planes of existence at the same time and have all the smartest beings from those universes, with all there versions in all the dimensions assemble it, if anyone except Quantus holds it, existence will start dying. If you don't take all the pieces of the artifact out at the exact same time in all the universes it exists in, infinity will cease to exist, all Matter will immediately cease to exist, and the universe will start to recede. The problems with this artifact, is that 1) You have to get to the center of the Earth, 2) the Elite (the enlightened ones) are the guardians of the pieces and embody The Matter Device and can create or destroy matter, and 3) you do not know which universes (except for the sphere if you do good detective work) the pieces are in.