one of the biggest events in earth's history is World War III. it is the first real world war, and not just a war in Europe. in it, the Ukraine, the Chinese goverment, North India, Mongolia, Mexico, the Arabian Republic and the Carribean fight the F.D.C. (which is formed during this war).

Before the WarEdit

the series of events that led up to World War III began long before hostilities broke out. it all began with Nyoshi Kolkaslav, an ambitious ukrainian polititian. he had dreams of the Ukraine becoming a major country once again. he began his planning a long time in advance, recruting ministers and generals, making aliances with other countries and starting the Gemini program.


  • 2026- Ukrainian President Nyoshi Kolkaslav comes into power, promising that the Ukraine will be powerful once again.
  • 2028- Moldovan President Minsri Tylhoska commits “suicide”. Ukrainian officials quickly step in to manage the country, while secretly signing over the control of Moldova to the Ukraine.
  • 2029: Spring- Ukraine and Belarus sign treaty and unifying alliance. However, “terrorists” bomb Minsk (the Capital of Belarus), killing many government officials who were going to have positions of power in the unified country. Fortunately, Ukraine government workers fill their place, and soon have assimilated Belarus into the Ukraine. Other countries are suspicious, but have no proof that the terrorist attack was Ukraine’s fault.
  • 2029: Autumn- Chinese people begin showing signs of an uprising. The Government makes alliances with the ruler of Mongolia (who believes he is the reincarnation of Genghis Khan), North Korea and the Ukraine, in case of a revolution.
  • 2030: January- a mixture of bombs, assassinations and commando strikes leaves western Russia without communications, transportation or weapons. By the time the government regains control; Ukrainian troops have been flown in, and now control all of Russia south-west of Kazan, including Moscow. Russia declares war on the Ukraine, and so do its allies including Canada, England, Germany and the United States. China, Ukraine’s ally, declares war on Russia, and so do its allies.
  • 2030: February- the Ukraine declares war on Poland, and move troops onto Polish soil. The Polish government quickly allies with Germany and its allies. They decide to form a centralized union, called the Federation of Democratic Countries (or F.D.C) to fight the Ukraine and China.
  • 2030: March- Germany launches many missiles at Kiev (the capital of the Ukraine) but they are shot down by anti-aircraft guns.
  • 2030: May- as soon as the snows have thawed, China sends its army north through Mongolia to attack Russia from the south. But once the army has left, a revolution starts in China against the communist government. The Revolutionists take control of many Chinese cities in the south-east, and ask for an alliance with the FDC. The government has to send some of its army back to defend against the Rebels, so the attack against Russia fails.
  • 2030: August- the Ukraine attacks the Slavic Union. The FDC sends forces in, and together, they manage to stop the Ukrainians at the Carpathian Mountains.
  • 2030: September- the Ukraine sends diplomats to Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. The first two agree to surrender peacefully and be absorbed into the Ukraine, but the latter resists. It is soon conquered anyway.
  • 2030: December- Indian government is divided over which side they take in this war. Soon, the debates escalate to a civil war, with the supporters of the FDC to the south of the Godavari River, and supporters of the Sino-Ukraine alliance to the north of it.
  • 2031: March- Chinese revolutionaries, with the help of Canadian and US soldiers, push the front in China all the way to Yangtze River.
  • 2031: April- Japan, neutral until this point, decides to side with the FDC, due to the large trade in electronics with some of the major countries in it. Its first act of the war is to send troops south to the Chinese revolution, and north, to Russia.
  • 2031: July- the Ukraine sends assassins to kill the regional leader of Romania. During the political turmoil after the success, the Ukraine breaks through the front at the Carpathian Mountains and proceeds to fully conquer Romania.
  • 2031: September- China and North India together wipe out Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and Bangladesh, after the countries in question were considering joining the FDC. However, since the countries hadn’t done anything yet, it roused a cry of outrage from the world, and caused France, Spain, Norway, Sweden and Australia to join the FDC.
  • 2031: December- the Ukraine renews its assault on Poland, pushing the border almost to Warsaw. Poland decides to evacuate the government to Poznan, farther west.
  • 2032: February- the order comes from the Italian President to bombard the Slavic Union across the Adriatic Sea. By the time the FDC moves troops to Italy from the Slavic countries, they realize the President had been assassinated and a group of imposters had sent out the order. But while the Slavic Union has less FDC troops, and is recovering from the attack, the Ukrainians advance over the Danube River and take Bulgaria, and westward to defeat Serbia.
  • 2032: April- Mexico and the Republic of Caribbean States declare that they will side with the Ukrainians and Chinese. They then attack the US, taking Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and southern California. The US retreats troops from Russia, India and the Baltic States to defend the home country, leaving these areas vulnerable.
  • 2032: May- sure enough, the Ukraine advances north, taking Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and more of Russia, up to St. Petersburg. North India also expands, defeating Mumbai and Hyderabad to the south.
  • 2032: August- Ukrainian assassins kill the regional leader of Slovakia. Expecting an attack, the FDC moves troops to defend Slovakia, but the Ukraine pulls a fast one, instead attacking the now undefended Hungary. Slovakia, now practically surrounded, surrenders to the Ukraine. But while the FDC troops are peacefully retreating, they are killed with gas weapons by the Ukrainians in the Bratislava Massacre.
  • 2032: October- NASA makes first contact with the Europans through communication. Plans are made to send men to Europa within a year.
  • 2032: November- Kazakhstan experiences a drought. The people blame the government for the lack of food, and there is an uprising that destroys the government. China and the Ukraine both take advantage of the opportunity and invade Kazakhstan, pushing the revolutionaries to the north, into Russia, which responds by killing them, thinking them to be Ukrainian invaders. Kyrgyzstan is taken by the Chinese as a by-product of the invasion of Kazakhstan.
  • 2033: January- Ukraine sends its navy on the Black Sea to attack Turkish ports. When Turkey sends its army to defend against the raids, the Ukraine invades from the east and west sides, taking all of Turkey.
  • 2033: April- North India buys a nuclear bomb from China, and proceeds to blow up Chennai (the capital of South India). The South India army dissolves into a guerilla force, and the surviving leaders retreat to Pakistan and convince them to join the FDC.
  • 2033: May- Pakistan attacks India. In response, Saudi Arabia (one of India’s allies) along with their allies Yemen, Oman and the UAE that are collectively known as the Arabian Federation, launch several bombing raids against Pakistan. Pakistan then allies with Afghanistan, Iran and Turkmenistan to form the Persian Alliance. They join the FDC.
  • 2033: July- Caribbean bombers destroy the NASA headquarters, setting all space research back at least ten years.
  • 2033: October- the Ukraine expands its hold on the Slavic Union, taking over Kosovo and most of Macedonia. Greece allies with the Ukraine, on the condition that it will remain a separate country.
  • 2033: December- Iraq is unsure of whether to join the Arabian Federation or the Persian Alliance. A civil war breaks out, divided along the Euphrates River. The Ukraine invades Iran and takes Tabriz, but is stopped there.
  • 2034: February- the FDC sends troops into Hungary, taking back the land up to the Danube. But the Ukraine uses the weakening of forces in the rest of the front to conquer the area of Poland from Warsaw to Slovakia.
  • 2034: April- China sends a stealth bomber squad across the Pacific to bomb Portland, Seattle and Vancouver. Mexico uses the advantage to press the American front, taking all of California and most of Nevada.
  • 2034: June- Bangladesh and Bhutan gain independence from India, unify their countries, and lay claim to their former areas and the part of India east of them. They also join the FDC.
  • 2034: July- the Ukraine reveals the navy they have been building in the Aegean Sea. They send it around to help take Albania. After Albania falls, the rest of Macedonia surrenders.
  • 2034: August- Italy plans an attack on the Ukraine-controlled Albania, but a series of bombings on Milan, Rome and Naples forces it put more money into repairing their country then attacking the Ukraine.
  • 2034: October- the Chinese Revolution, Bangla-Bhutan and Myanmar decide to form an alliance to better combat India and China. Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia agree to join and to send resources and men to the front line.
  • 2034: December- Matthias Walker, a quantum-physicist at CERN, invents the particle cannon, which is sent to Poland to aid the brutal conflict there. With its help, the FDC pushes the Ukrainians to the Vistula River.
  • 2035: February- German and Japanese scientists decide to put aside their differences and work together on a fighting robot for the war. The program is called Operation ES (or Electronic Soldier) Mark 1.
  • 2035: March- Much of the African populace pleads the FDC for help against the corrupt governments. The FDC agrees, sending troops away from Canada, the Slavic Front and the Persian Alliance. Many of the corrupt governments ally with the Arabian Federation.
  • 2035: April- the Chinese government send bribes to the Polynesian Federation to attack Australia and its allies; New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. Navies are mobilized.
  • 2035: June- Ukraine attacks Montenegro, with predictable results. The fighting is over in a week.
  • 2035: July- Operation ES1 is complete, and one hundred robotic super-soldiers are deployed to the South Asia and Slavic Fronts. This greatly helps turn the tide of battle in favor of the FDC.
  • 2035: October- the Persian Alliance fires a couple of atomic bombs at Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Riyadh. The Arabian Federation responds by attacking along Iraq, and fully taking it.
  • 2035: November- the campaigns in Africa are going well for the FDC. Most of the soldiers are siding with the people. Many of the corrupt leaders are evacuating to the Arabian Federation.
  • 2036: January- Ukrainian commandos disable the prototype of the Particle Cannon, allowing the Ukrainians to advance up to Vistula and Warta Rivers.
  • 2036: February- the Sino-Ukraine Alliance reveals the Demon-Mantis Robot. With it, they take the rest of the Slavic Union, up to Slovenia. China uses it to take Khabarovsk, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.
  • 2036: April- the US, weakened from the constant battles with Mexico and the Caribbean Republic, agree to give Alaska to Canada if they send troops down to beat back the Mexicans.
  • 2036: June- the Ukraine expands into Austria, but the FDC meets them with a huge army. The forces meet in the Battle of Vienna. There are many ES1s and Demon-Mantises. The FDC uses EMP grenades to take control of the Demon-Mantises, and it looks as if they will win, but a pair of Ukrainian Assassins takes control of the FDC computer base, and makes all the robots fight for the Ukraine. The FDC loses the eastern part of Austria.
  • 2036: October- South India guerrillas assault New Delhi, killing the Indian government and taking control of India. They then turn their attentions to China.
  • 2036: December- Canadian troops take Mexico City, and stop the war in North America. The new Mexican government agrees to join the FDC due to its environmental needs.
  • 2037: January- Ukrainian turncoat assassins smuggle a nuclear bomb into Kiev, and set it off, killing all of the Ukrainian Leaders that are in Kiev, including Nyoshi Kolkaslav. The FDC responds by seizing control of all formerly Ukrainian territories during the political turmoil. China soon surrenders to the rebels, and so do all of its allies. Mongol leader claims that he will return, right before he is executed. World War Three officially comes to an end, with the total casualties almost three billion.